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“Listen to the reed and the tale it tells, how it sings of separation” The Song of the Reed (Masnavi, Book 1: Line 1)

Aleppo Ottoman Mosque 1

About the Film

When Amar Chebib traveled to Syria in 2010, the music he encountered awakened something in him unlike anything he had experienced before. Read more.


The Lovers

Wajd features renowned musicians, Sufi masters, music scholars and artists from Syria, Turkey, Europe and North America who are featured in telling the story of Wajd: Music, Politics, & Ecstasy. Meet them here.

Amar Chebib

Documentary Team

In the summer of 2010, Amar and his buddy Nathaniel ventured to Syria with a video camera and a sound recorder to capture Arab-Turkish music. Learn more.


The Music

Wajd captures unique and captivating performances of the inspired music from the Ottoman Empire. Listen here.